• Sagemax, America’s largest dental zirconia manufacturer and manufacturers of the NexxZr Brand, will be showing their revolutionary Ultra-Translucent zirconia NexxZr + as well as their new Ultra-Translucent 9-Layer zirconia NexxZr UTML, both. with 1,00 Mpa.


    Stop by and see for yourself the next generation of zirconia.

  • Visit us on Stand H12 for hourly live hands on demos

  • DFAB®: the waiting is over. Class IIa restorations within 20 minutes


    10 Apr 2017 MR Dental

    This new self-cure material will allow dental labs to cope with high production while keeping energy costs and labour to a minimum by avoiding the additional equipment, increased labor, energy use and cure times associated with heat cured materials.

    MR. Dental's Hi-Impact Pourable is probably the first dental acrylics to achieve high strength and high impact resistance from a cold cure formulation, achieving a fracture toughness of at least 30% greater and a fracture work of at least 2.5 times higher than conventional cold cure denture base polymers. As a cold cure, it fulfils the requirements of standard EN ISO 20795-1:2013 for high-impact denture base polymers (Sections 5.2.10 & 5.2.11)

    MR. Dentals Hi-Impact Pourable is available as individual items in the following sizes:

    1000g Powder and 500ml and 1000ml Liquid.

    A trial pack 100g/50ml is also available.


  • Controlled aesthetics and by up to eight percent increased translucency without any loss of strength: The new Nacera Blue X Translucent Liquid by Doceram Medical Ceramics now answers the request of many dental technicians for a highly translucent zirconium oxide with similar aesthetic properties to lithium disilicate: The novel liquid which has been specially developed for Nacera Pearl Shaded 16+2 and Pearl Multi-Shade is not just breathtakingly aesthetic, but it also shows a natural colour result. Due to its targeted applicability, its handling is particularly flexible and efficient. In addition, the mechanical strength of the material has been maintained. In short, Nacera Blue X allows you to individually increase and control the translucency of zirconium oxide without reducing its stability!

  • John Winter won the Best Aftercare Service Award at the Dental Laboratory Association's Trade Awards.

    The awards, in their third year, are hosted to recognise those that are providing service abd roducts above and beyond the norm.

    Spoorted by the Dentistry Show and the DTS 2017, there were eight categories at the DLA Trade Awards, Where John Winter were also shortlisted for the Trade Company of the year.

  • Straumann CARES® Digital Solutions

    31 Mar 2017 Straumann UK

    Seeing is believing
    Straumann will present a myriad of ground-breaking innovations at The Dental Technology Showcase 2017. 

    As dentistry embraces the digital age like never before, this year’s Dental Technology Show will provide a host of opportunities as Straumann unveil a number of exciting developments to their CARES® Digital Solutions portfolio, including leading scanning and milling technology, 3D printing and centralised milling.


  • As dentistry continues to evolve and new technologies, materials and techniques take centre stage, the collaboration between dentists and dental technicians remains crucial. Not only will The Dental T ...
  • Yenadent D6 Milling Machine

    20 Mar 2017 Ali Erken

    Yenadent introduced new D6 milling machine to the market .  

  • The new Zirkonzahn Library Download Center is now available for free for all exocad® and 3shape users. 

  • With the sinter metal blanks developed by Zirkonzahn, you can easily manufacture non-precious restorations (single crowns, large-span bridges up to 14 elements, metal frameworks, telescopes, bars, dowels, attachments) in your own lab.

    The high-quality cobalt-chromium alloy can be sintered with two different furnaces: with the Zirkonofen 700 Ultra-Vakuum sintering furnace for both zirconia and sinter metal, by using the sintering adapter, or with the new Sinterofen 300S for sinter metal only, whose combustion chamber can host approximately 50 sinter metal elements, and that can sinter 2 full-arch bridges or 6 bars in one process.

    With both of these furnaces the material is sintered under high vacuum, without shielding gas.

    The raw material has a shrinkage factor of just 7%, which makes its torsional stability during the sintering process very high. Like this, all milled dental restorations can be sintered with total lack of stresses. Zirkonzahn Sintermetall blanks are available in 7 different heights.

  • Our constant research aiming at offering you the best solutions for your digital workflow led us to a further achievement: the new Zirkonzahn.Implant-Planner software. Our new software has been conceived with the objective of simplifying the way you plan your cases and, at the same time, improving the cooperation with the whole dental team, which results in better interactions with the patient.

    Highly intuitive and rich in useful functions, Zirkonzahn.Implant-Planner allows the user to integrate the patient’s scans with scans of the models in order to accurately plan the positions of the implants in advance (backward planning). The software is equipped with functions that allows the user to track the patient’s nerves, create plans and panoramic section curves with perpendicular sections and remove artefacts. In a close collaboration with the dental technicians and thanks to the digital preview, the dentist is able to take into consideration also the aesthetical aspects of the prosthesis during the implant planning phase. The software guarantees a safe and reliable communication between the dentist and the dental technician

  • The rapid growth in popularity of dental implants has been widely attributed to the impact they can have on a patient’s quality of life. For fully or partially edentulous people, implant therapy offer ...
  • Technical research and development are in continuous evolution, constantly providing new

    techniques to be integrated in the workflow for the realisation of dental restorations.

    Zirkonzahn’s Face Hunter facial scanner offers a tool that enables 3D scanning of the patient’s face.

  • In the beginning of the CAD/CAM technology people were used to rather ill-fitting offset copings and a lot of money was needed, as well as specific locations, due to the machines size. Today, requirements have increased significantly with regard to milling results as well as to the practical logistic handling. Laboratories of various dimensions and manpower want to take advantage of the modern CAD/CAM technology. After the initial CAD/CAM euphoria, and the even partially euphoric disorientation, the requirements for the acquisition of a CAD/CAM system are much clearer and more differentiated.

  • As patient expectations continue to rise, it is becoming increasingly important for the dental team to work together in order to deliver the highest standard of dentistry. For dental technicians, this ...
  • Damaged Goods

    05 Mar 2017
    We are the DTG – the Dental Technicians Guild. The DTG stands for specialty handmade aesthetic dental restorations. I will call it a group, but I believe it is much more than that. Groups can be so cl ...
  • Stephen Lusty will be one of many renowned speakers at The Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) this May. He will be presenting a session in the DTS Lecture Theatre entitled “Dealing with vertical prepara ...
  • As part of the outstanding international speaker line-up at The Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) 2017, Carl Fenwick will be presenting in the DTS Lecture Theatre.  Carl qualified as a Dental Technicia ...
  • Dentistry today is ablaze with cutting-edge technologies, all designed to simplify the professional workflow while enhancing the clinical outcome and patient experience. Advancements in this field have boomed in the past decade, propelling dentistry into the digital era. Indeed, many suppliers suggest that only with their latest innovations can dental teams achieve the very best results, accrediting state-of-the-art software and equipment with the progression of the profession as a whole. While the value of modern technologies in dentistry today cannot be disputed, the sheer volume of products available on the market creates a new problem. How do you know which to purchase? How do you choose between manufacturers? What should you look for with regards to equipment and customer service?  Further still, how much of your business really depends on the technology you purchase? Is the opportunity to double your bottom line – as advertised by manufacturers – really afforded by the technology alone? Aren’t there other factors at play? Bill Marais believes there’s a lot to be gained by going back to basics.  Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Bill moved to Cape Town at the start of his high school years and graduated as a Registered Dental Technician from Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 1993. After working in a dental laboratory in South Africa for three years, Bill immigrated to the USA. In 1999, Bill opened his own lab – Disa Dental Studio is a one-man lab focusing on high-end, complex, combination cases – in Santa Monica, California, which relocated to Portland, Oregon, in January 2011. Bill is also a Key Opinion Leader for GC America and he lectures and teaches internationally.  Bill comments: “The market for systems manufacturing dental restorations and prostheses today is tremendously overwhelming – for dental technicians and dentists alike. Extreme pressure from marketing propaganda dictates that in order to prevent ‘falling behind’ in an advancing health field, one must follow a particular course: a path to advance you in the dental field. Purchase a particular system and you will advance your lab, your skills and your artistry. “Circumstances dictated my professional choices several years ago. Because of my situation, I was forced to resort to using the fundamentals of dental technology. Reverting to the basics of dental technology not only supported the survival of my business, but it took my restorative skills to a level I never imagined possible. ”Bill will be speaking at The Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) 2017, giving a lecture sponsored by GC entitled “One Step Back, Ten Steps Forward (Reverting to the Basics of Dental Technology)” in the DTS Lecture Theatre. About his session he adds:

    “I will discuss how dental technicians can go back to basics to add individuality and their own ‘fingerprint’ to each and every case that they do (applicable for both fixed and removable prosthetics). I hope this will help to give them a competitive edge in what is now a vastly outsourced and technology-driven industry.  “In addition, I will highlight the importance of removable prosthetics in every aspect of dentistry and offer my own top tips to help delegates improve their workflow. Finally, I hope to explore the importance of teamwork and communication between laboratory and practice as a means of ensuring the highest quality of prosthesis for every patient.” The DTS Lecture Theatre 2017 has been programmed by the Dental Technicians Guild (DTG) and Bill will join an impressive speaker line-up including Phil Reddington, Carl Fenwick, Chris Wibberley, Eugene Royzengurt, Ian Smith, Von Grow and Jason Smithson. Additional features such as the Digital & Innovation Theatre, ADI Implant Theatre and Dental Business Theatre – delivered by Practice Plan – will offer even more insight and inspiration for delegates, with hours of vCPD available throughout.  What’s more, the trade floor will host more than 100 lab-dedicated exhibitors, providing on-stand learning, demonstrations and fantastic deals for all. So whether you are looking to go back to basics and refine your skills, or to purchase new technology that will help you to raise standards.

    DTS 2017 is an event you don’t want to miss. For more information visit

  • Phil Reddington will be chairing the educational programme at The Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) for 2017. Speaking about what’s in store for delegates attending the DTS Lecture Theatre, Phil is par ...
  • New products for Lab and dentist surgery

    28 Feb 2017 Mr. Christian Roesch - Sales Director REITEL
    REITEL introduces new devices for dental laboratory and dentist surgery during DTS at booth C08. New polishing lathe and steam clean work place are introduced to UK dental laboratories. A preheating device for dentist surgeries is launched: composites, Natriumhypochloride and wax bites are well tempered for patients well-beeing.



    Handler has been manufacturing denture processing equipment in the USA for decades and now presents the latest technology innovation.  The new 2010DCU-E 8 flask denture curing unit is unique, sophisticated, compact, easy to operate and best of all affordable for any size lab.  The 2010DCU-E with europeann cord set plugs into any electrical outlet.  The digital controls allow the user to program two different temperature settings and time settings.  For example, you can preprogram the 2010DCU-E to cure for a period of time and then automatically go to higher temperature for boil out.  Once you set your program all you need to do is press start.  The 2010DCU-E is easy to drain with built in drain valve.  All stainless steel tank with removable flask tray and powder coated finish gives the unit a contemporary look and long lasting performance.  Go to or contact Handler directly at or 800-274-2635 for more information.

  • Among the various learning opportunities at The Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) 2017 will be seminars tailored for technicians with an interest in orthodontics. Supported by the Orthodontic Technicia ...

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