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Product Library

  • 1.Both fast and extended sintering cycle, suitable for big labs that will work day and night. 2.The most advanced technology, using silicon carbide rods as heating elements, heating evenly and no poll ...
  • 1. Bionic technology 2. 1050 Mpa, could be used for all on 6 cases, from sigle units to long span bridges 3. 57% translucency, natural layless gradient to achieve high aesthetics
  • CUSTOM ABUTMENTS Unique from nature- the main advantage according to the standard solutions The perfect fit made for each Patient, adjusted to the individual situation  in the mouth and following the ...
  • Beautiful natural gingival colouring
  • Creating beautiful smiles, naturally.
  • Inspired by nature and designed for living
  • Brighter smiles made easy
  • Thermoforming for all Orthodontic Indications. Insulating layer removed after forming for a cleaner, faster finish.
  • Add 3D printing to your dental manufacturing capabilities with Planmeca Creo™ C5, a blisteringly fast 3D printer targeted specifically for dentistry. Planmeca Creo C5 enables fabricating surgical guid ...
  • Introducing the Next Generation of 3D Dental Scanners: Our T-Series Medit represents the apex in 3D dental scanning. With unsurpassed speed, accuracy and reliability, Medit helps you rediscover your p ...
  • Our Intraoral Scanner Delivers: Value, Efficiency, and Productivity Together, these three qualities make it easy to incorporate our intraoral scanner into your workflow. Designed with quality in mind, ...

    01 May 2019 Dominique Gigante
    MiYO and MiYO pink from Jensen Dental are unique, patent-pending liquid ceramic systems for monolithic restorations made of zirconium dioxide, lithium disilicate, zirconium layering ceramic and metal ...
  • World Leading Lab & Clinician equipment

    04 Apr 2019 Jonathan Rayfield
    Featuring high performance equipment from world leading manufacturers. Techceram show how these improve production and efficiency for Labs and clinicians.
  • Eitan LSE/6W Steam Cleaner fitted with a Dual Head for Fixed and "Wand" Cleaning. Fast and effective cleaning always on tap. Will clean individual pieces or complete trays in one simple operation. Bui ...
  • Orion Laser Welder

    27 Mar 2019
  • VITA YZ SOLUTIONS: zirconia for any situation

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