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Product Library

Product Library

  • For a natural looking, long-term provisional, dental technicians can opt for the combination of the Denture Gingiva and Temp Premium Flexible aesthetic resins by Zirkonzahn
  • Implant models: digitally plan implant models and provide the dentist with a complete package including surgical guide, custom impression tray and temporary restoration
  • Programat Furnaces

    02 Feb 2018 Ivoclar Vivadent
    Ivoclar Vivadent’s range of Programat furnaces form a part of the “Fixed Prosthetics - lab side” product range. They cover the procedure involved in the fabrication of fixed prosthetic restorations – from temporisation to restoration care. They are optimally coordinated with each other and enable successful processing and application: Programat P310 is the user-friendly furnace. With its compact design, the Programat P310 focuses on the essentials and is therefore the optimal furnace for the daily lab routine. Programat P510 is the intelligent furnace. The Programat P510 combines high-tech and modern design in a very efficient and user-friendly furnace. Programat P710 is the innovative ceramic furnace. A furnace that can do more than just fire. The Programat P710, premium furnace of the product family of the Programat furnaces convinces with its innovative technique and exclusive design.

    06 Apr 2018 Mr Dental Supplies Ltd
  • Main Metall

    05 Apr 2018 Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED Gmbh
    Cobalt based dental casting bonding alloy, type 5
  • KERAstarPEEK

    05 Apr 2018 Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED Gmbh
    Biocompatible, semi-crystalline high performance polymer on PEEK base
  • Kera N

    05 Apr 2018 Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED Gmbh
    Nickiel based dental casting bonding alloy, type 3
  • Kera C

    05 Apr 2018 Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED Gmbh
    Cobalt based dental casting bonding alloy, type 5
  • IPS e.max® System

    02 Feb 2018 Ivoclar Vivadent
    Designed with versatility, reliability and longevity in mind, IPS e.max is the unmatched in clinical success. Available for both the Press and CAD/CAM technique, making it easily accessible. No matter which technique you choose, all components are available from Ivoclar Vivadent. If you prefer to work with the Press technique, two different types of ingots are available: IPS e.max Press, a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and IPS e.max ZirPress, a glass-ceramic which is pressed onto zirconium oxide in a fast and efficient procedure. For CAD/CAM applications, either the highly esthetic IPS e.max CAD a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic blocks or the high-strength IPS e.max ZirCAD zirconium oxide can be selected, depending on case requirements. The nano-fluorapatite layering ceramic IPS e.max Ceram completes the all-ceramics system. This material is used to veneer multiple materials including lithium disilicate glass-ceramic or zirconium oxide.
  • Here for all your laboratory needs

    27 Apr 2018 John Winter & Co Ltd
  • For all your laboratory needs

    27 Apr 2018 John Winter & Co Ltd
  • Digital Dentures

    02 Feb 2018 Ivoclar Vivadent
    Digital Denture is a complete manufacturing process for the rapid production of removable full-arch dentures. This innovative process integrates the treatment steps in the dental practice with the digital manufacturing processes in the lab. Exclusive design software and ideally coordinated materials, combined with well-designed manufacturing strategies and the cutting-edge PrograMill milling equipment platform, provide predictable and reproducible results.
  • Autospin

    07 Mar 2018 Renfert
    Pin drilling unit
  • VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG

    09 Feb 2018 VITA Zahnfabrik
  • Test Product

    07 Dec 2016 Joe Bloggs
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  • SR Nexco Paste

    02 Feb 2018 Ivoclar Vivadent
    This lab composite offers a lifelike appearance, layer thickness tolerance and flexibility of polymerisation. SR Nexco Paste is a purely light-curing lab composite with micro-opal fillers which allows you to achieve a lifelike shade even if space is limited. Its restorations achieve a durable shade stability and a lasting gloss. SR Nexco is particularly suitable for restorations supported by metal-based frameworks, framework-free restorations and prosthetic gingiva reconstructions.
  • S DCL Teeth

    02 Feb 2018 Ivoclar Vivadent
    Ivoclar Vivadent's SR Vivodent S DCL tooth line replicates natural shapes and shades; aesthetically and prosthetically optimised, the anterior moulds are designed to meet the individual requirements of today's and tomorrow's patients. The teeth are available in A-D shades and are especially suitable for combined denture prosthetics. SR Vivodent S DCL is a distinctive anterior tooth for sophisticated needs; high shade intensity and individual layering lend these teeth an especially vibrant appearance. Together with the equally new posterior moulds SR Orthotyp S DCL they form a comprehensive range of denture teeth that offer a maximum degree of individuality. Along with a multifunctional shade guide, the portfolio is complete.

    11 Dec 2017 Zirkonzahn
    The M1 Compact Line includes four models: M1 SOFT, M1 WET, M1 WET HEAVY METAL and M1 ABUTMENT. The versions M1 SOFT, M1 WET as well as M1 WET HEAVY METAL are respectively provided with the intelligent five-axis orbit technology

    05 Apr 2018 Scan Lab
    • You choose the scanner you need
    • We deliver the scanner along with full implementation and training
    • free of charge!
    • In return, you send a minimum quantity of .stl files to our lab every month 
    • During the 3-month trial period, the required order value is 50% of the usual quota
    • At the end of the trial period, you decide if you want to stay with us for longer or return the scanner
    • Digital as well as analogue works are included in the agreement
  • New Intra Oral Scanners

    18 May 2018 Ed Attenborough
    DWIO Emerald TrueDef
  • New Desktop Scanner

    18 May 2018 Ed Attenborough
    3-Series DS-EX DS-200
  • New CAD sofware

    18 May 2018 Ed Attenborough
    Dental Wings Exocad Maestro Ortho
  • Kera-Disc

    05 Apr 2018 Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED Gmbh
    Cobalt based dental alloy for milling, type 4
  • EasyView 3D

    07 Mar 2018 Renfert
    innovative dental viewer

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