Dentistry Portfolio

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With a wide variety of content integral to your training and development in the dental laboratory, our dedicated content team have pieced together a programme to bring you knowledge, expertise and experience covering all topical and current subjects affecting your lab daily! Over 40 hours of FREE eCPD delivered by 50+ of the most renowned names in the industry.

Have a look at the theatres and workshops below.


Dental Technicians' Hub

With sessions curated to support the ongoing professional development of dental technicians, the Dental Technicians' Hub provides the perfect opportunity to widen your knowledge and stay up to date with the latest technical skills and innovations in dental technology.

DTS Lecture Theatre

Supported by The Dental Laboratories Association (DLA), sessions in the DTS Lecture Theatre will cover the latest advances in the evolving world of modern dental technologies. With talks delivered by leading experts, learn how new technologies can enhance dental practice and drive growth in the profession. 

Digital Dentistry Theatre

The Digital Dentistry Theatre provides the perfect platform for the UK’s leading manufacturers to showcase their innovative digital solutions to the current challenges in dentistry. Lab owners and dentists will discover how digital technologies can improve workflow efficiency and enhance their practice.