The Dental Technology Showcase taking place on the 21st and 22nd September 2021


   The Dental Technology Showcase taking place on the 21st and 22nd September 2021




We're ready to help you reunite and rebuild in 2022

We understand that the last year has been particularly tough for UK Dental Labs and 2022 is going to be incredibly important to protect the future of the profession. The Dental Technology Showcase will be a platform for positive change and growth for the industry. We have made a number of significant changes to ensure that the show not only represents and helps overcome the challenges to the industry, but also boosts the interaction between Lab owners and exhibitors. 

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Our key focus is to use the event as an acceleration platform and help Dental Laboratories fully implement and embrace new technology. The UK dental lab market is forecast for serious growth for the next 5 years, but this will only happen as a result of the Dental Labs modernising and advancing technologically. Therefore, we see the DTS as the perfect opportunity to create conversation between the owners and the innovators and will be driving the message of tech acquisition in the DTS Lecture theatre to learn more and understand why they should make this step.

Key topics at the 2022 show: 

Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry – The adoption of digital equipment (CADCAM, Scanners, 3D printers) from Labs to create a full digital work flow for clinics.

We will be exploring how the relationship between labs and clinics work and analysing how this transition can drive profit significantly. Rather than seeing equipment as a cost, we will focus on value and show the major ROI from Tech. We don’t just show what the tech is, but why the tech should be implemented.

The Next Generation of Dental Technicians

The Next Generation of Dental Technicians – How do we inspire the next generation of dental technicians into the industry.

We currently have a major shortage of dental technicians within the UK. Changes to apprenticeship schemes and making it a degree entry role has harmed the next generation, as has Brexit. We will be discussing how we change the perceptions of Dental Technicians to inspire the next generation to enter the market.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality – The Dental Lab is the 4th most dangerous profession for Indoor Air Quality.

We will be focusing on how we can improve the air quality in labs as well as making the industry safer. We will be looking at what solutions can be implemented to help this transition.

Financial Infrastructure

Financial Infrastructure – Helping inspire purchasing.

There is such radical implementation of technology required, but not sufficient cash flow available to do this. We have partnered with a company called Medifinance, who provide long-term equipment finance options based on a strong ROI.


We attract almost 50% of all UK Dental Laboratory owners, making the Dental Technology Show THE hub for the industry - Join us today! 

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  • * Laboratory Owners

  • * Laboratory Managers

  • * Lab/Business Managers

  • * Laboratory Directors

  • * Laboratory Assistants


  • * Clinical Dental Technicians

  • * Dental Technicians

  • * Master Dental Technicians

  • * Metal Workers

  • * Prosthetics Technicians


  • * Orthodontic Technicians
  • *  Dental Nurses
  • *  Dental Department Managers
  • * Student/Trainee Dental Technicians 


  • * Dental Lecturers

  • * Dental Technologists



  • “The DTS show for us is always the one, there's an amazing lineup of speakers and lecturers, you can get some fantastic CPD. Key suppliers are here, our customers are here, a lot of my colleagues are here and loads of other lab owners are here. it's an amazing networking experience. And it's a really good chance for having a bit of a chinwag. Have a bit of a moan, have a bit of the good things, the bad things and of course have a few beers afterwards. So it's a good event, it's why I'm here every year and I love it.”
    Ashley Byrne
    Managing Director, Byrnes Dental Lab
  • “The dentistry show and Dental Technology Showcase are absolutely crucial because they connect us all together. At this show, it's technicians, hygienists, practice mangers, dentists all together. I think that's really valuable. It's great that we can network online now, but nothing really beats turning up at a show like this. Seeing people face to face, spending that time and building that great relationships. These shows are absolutely essential for our industry. These shows are the essential place to be.”
    Steve Campbell
    President, The Dental Laboratories Association
  • These shows are really important. People are coming from far away just to meet you and not just to see friends but also to get more information about the newest technologies. And to make every day easier to work on, to understand where the future is. And for that reason we have to be here. Yes, I can really say this show here in Birmingham is the show for the dental and the dentists, it's for the whole community in dentistry.”
    Joachim Krause
    Sr. Global & Key Accounts Director, GE Additive
  • “I've been coming to the DTS for many years and I think it's one of the most important exhibitions here in the country. Also because it's really also a place for dental technicians which the BDA for example is mainly focused on dentists. Yeah, look at the numbers, look at the people, look at the booths. There are a lot of colleagues here. I've really had some good talks. Saw people I haven't seen for quite a long time. And to be honest I actually think I've seen some new products.”
    Tom Behaeghel
    Technical Consultant, Northwest Europe, VITA Zahnfabrik
  • “I think combining both shows is a good idea because there are people that like to know about topics that relate to both shows so it's a good occasion to actually have access to different types of things in one place. And for the industry it's definitely a great way to get to see your existing customers and meet new customers at the same time.”
    Xabier Egurbide
    Sales & internationalization Director, Straumanngroup

Steve Campbell, President, DLA

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