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Why attend Dental Technology Showcase 2024?

Dental Technology Showcase is and continues to be a platform for personal and professional development in the dental lab industry. In doing so, we guarantee that you will learn how to overcome the current challenges and conflicts being faced.

But let’s cut to the chase…here are four simple reasons why you should be there!


Why visit stats

The annual one-stop shop for Dental Labs

Verified CPD for the whole lab

With a finger on the pulse, we deliver only the most relevant and applicable hot topics across 3 theatres. Plan your day effectively and you could gain up to 12 CPD hours across the two days!

On stand workshops

The best way to learn a new skill, theory or technique is to watch it in action. That’s why many of our exhibitors offer demonstrations showcasing the latest products they have to offer.

The latest products

Networking has never been easier. Before even arriving at DTS you are able to connect with other attendees, exhibitors and speakers via the Dentistry Shows event app. Making simple connections can lead to opportunities later down the line, so make sure to visit the networking lounges at the show!

Endless networking opportunity's

The speakers at DTS are largely to thank for the quality of the conference programme. Bringing in 80 of the biggest and most accomplished names in the industry, you are guaranteed to hear the latest discoveries and insights to improve your own skills.

Who should attend?

DTS is an event for every dental professional. This includes owners, dental technicians, metal workers, orthodontic technicians, clinical dental technicians, dental technician assistants, and the list goes on…

50+ world-renowned speakers

The fast-paced environment that is dental technology means that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of new products and services on offer. DTS is the perfect opportunity to meet with 100's of exhibitors and speak face-to-face about the innovations that are of interest to you.


  • “The DTS show for us is always the one, there's an amazing lineup of speakers and lecturers, you can get some fantastic CPD. Key suppliers are here, our customers are here, a lot of my colleagues are here and loads of other lab owners are here. it's an amazing networking experience. And it's a really good chance for having a bit of a chinwag. Have a bit of a moan, have a bit of the good things, the bad things and of course have a few beers afterwards. So it's a good event, it's why I'm here every year and I love it.”
    Ashley Byrne
    Managing Director, Byrnes Dental Lab
  • “The dentistry show and Dental Technology Showcase are absolutely crucial because they connect us all together. At this show, it's technicians, hygienists, practice mangers, dentists all together. I think that's really valuable. It's great that we can network online now, but nothing really beats turning up at a show like this. Seeing people face to face, spending that time and building that great relationships. These shows are absolutely essential for our industry. These shows are the essential place to be.”
    Steve Campbell
    President, The Dental Laboratories Association
  • These shows are really important. People are coming from far away just to meet you and not just to see friends but also to get more information about the newest technologies. And to make every day easier to work on, to understand where the future is. And for that reason we have to be here. Yes, I can really say this show here in Birmingham is the show for the dental and the dentists, it's for the whole community in dentistry.”
    Joachim Krause
    Sr. Global & Key Accounts Director, GE Additive
  • “I've been coming to the DTS for many years and I think it's one of the most important exhibitions here in the country. Also because it's really also a place for dental technicians which the BDA for example is mainly focused on dentists. Yeah, look at the numbers, look at the people, look at the booths. There are a lot of colleagues here. I've really had some good talks. Saw people I haven't seen for quite a long time. And to be honest I actually think I've seen some new products.”
    Tom Behaeghel
    Technical Consultant, Northwest Europe, VITA Zahnfabrik
  • “I think combining both shows is a good idea because there are people that like to know about topics that relate to both shows so it's a good occasion to actually have access to different types of things in one place. And for the industry it's definitely a great way to get to see your existing customers and meet new customers at the same time.”
    Xabier Egurbide
    Sales & internationalization Director, Straumanngroup