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Product Library

Product Library

  • SR Nexco Paste

    02 Feb 2018 Ivoclar Vivadent
    This lab composite offers a lifelike appearance, layer thickness tolerance and flexibility of polymerisation. SR Nexco Paste is a purely light-curing lab composite with micro-opal fillers which allows you to achieve a lifelike shade even if space is limited. Its restorations achieve a durable shade stability and a lasting gloss. SR Nexco is particularly suitable for restorations supported by metal-based frameworks, framework-free restorations and prosthetic gingiva reconstructions.
  • S DCL Teeth

    02 Feb 2018 Ivoclar Vivadent
    Ivoclar Vivadent's SR Vivodent S DCL tooth line replicates natural shapes and shades; aesthetically and prosthetically optimised, the anterior moulds are designed to meet the individual requirements of today's and tomorrow's patients. The teeth are available in A-D shades and are especially suitable for combined denture prosthetics. SR Vivodent S DCL is a distinctive anterior tooth for sophisticated needs; high shade intensity and individual layering lend these teeth an especially vibrant appearance. Together with the equally new posterior moulds SR Orthotyp S DCL they form a comprehensive range of denture teeth that offer a maximum degree of individuality. Along with a multifunctional shade guide, the portfolio is complete.

    11 Dec 2017 Zirkonzahn
    The M1 Compact Line includes four models: M1 SOFT, M1 WET, M1 WET HEAVY METAL and M1 ABUTMENT. The versions M1 SOFT, M1 WET as well as M1 WET HEAVY METAL are respectively provided with the intelligent five-axis orbit technology

    05 Apr 2018 Scan Lab
    • You choose the scanner you need
    • We deliver the scanner along with full implementation and training
    • free of charge!
    • In return, you send a minimum quantity of .stl files to our lab every month 
    • During the 3-month trial period, the required order value is 50% of the usual quota
    • At the end of the trial period, you decide if you want to stay with us for longer or return the scanner
    • Digital as well as analogue works are included in the agreement
  • New Intra Oral Scanners

    18 May 2018 Ed Attenborough
    DWIO Emerald TrueDef
  • New Desktop Scanner

    18 May 2018 Ed Attenborough
    3-Series DS-EX DS-200
  • New CAD sofware

    18 May 2018 Ed Attenborough
    Dental Wings Exocad Maestro Ortho
  • Kera-Disc

    05 Apr 2018 Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED Gmbh
    Cobalt based dental alloy for milling, type 4
  • EasyView 3D

    07 Mar 2018 Renfert
    innovative dental viewer

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