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Product Library

Product Library

  • Add 3D printing to your dental manufacturing capabilities with Planmeca Creo™ C5, a blisteringly fast 3D printer targeted specifically for dentistry. Planmeca Creo C5 enables fabricating surgical guides, dental models and aligner bases easily and in a fraction of the usual time. Get the dental applications you need – when you need them.

  • Introducing the Next Generation of 3D Dental Scanners: Our T-Series

    Medit represents the apex in 3D dental scanning. With unsurpassed speed, accuracy and reliability, Medit helps you rediscover your productivity. The T-Series' new powerful scan engine and affordable pricing are the perfect fit for performance enthusiasts and entry-level users, helping your lab rediscovering productivity thanks to its convenient design and high-tech features.

  • Our Intraoral Scanner Delivers: Value, Efficiency, and Productivity

    Together, these three qualities make it easy to incorporate our intraoral scanner into your workflow. Designed with quality in mind, we created the i500 to add value to your practice. Regardless of specialization the i500 ensures that professional needs are met, workflows are optimized, and flexibility is guaranteed.


    01 May 2019 Dominique Gigante

    MiYO and MiYO pink from Jensen Dental are unique, patent-pending liquid ceramic systems for monolithic restorations made of zirconium dioxide, lithium disilicate, zirconium layering ceramic and metal layering ceramic. With the paste-like, opalescent and fluorescent layering materials for coloring, structuring and glazing, highly esthetic restorations can be fabricated easier, faster and more controlled than ever before.

    The new MiYO pink system for designing gingival components consists of eleven Gingiva Color materials with adjusted fluorescence and opacity for contrast and depth as well as three structure materials in different shades and different opacity levels. The structural materials can be applied very thinly over the color materials. Due to the high stability of the material, individual surface structures can be easily worked into the paste with the brush. The low firing temperature and high colour stability of MiYO coating compounds ensure that no colour changes occur during firing and that the surface structure is retained. This ensures reliable and highly aesthetic results with only two firings.

    Fore more information, please contact Panadent 01689881788

  • World Leading Lab & Clinician equipment

    04 Apr 2019 Jonathan Rayfield

    Featuring high performance equipment from world leading manufacturers. Techceram show how these improve production and efficiency for Labs and clinicians.

  • Eitan LSE/6W Steam Cleaner fitted with a Dual Head for Fixed and "Wand" Cleaning. Fast and effective cleaning always on tap. Will clean individual pieces or complete trays in one simple operation. Bui ...
  • VITA YZ SOLUTIONS: zirconia for any situation

  • VITA ADIVA® IA-CEM - Ultra opaque luting solution for implant restorations


    For the efficient CAD/CAM fabrication of dentures with Ceramill® Motion 2.

  • TRIOS 4 - redefining intraoral scanning
    with dual caries diagnostic aid technology
  • Brighter smile made easy.

    enliven MC is a completely new metal ceramic which is brighter and yet easy to use.  enliven MC helps you to achieve internal brightness and depth in the crown without complex multi-layering. 

  • Creating beautiful smiles, naturally.

    Whatever their budget, patients want really beautiful and truly functional dentures from you. 4naturare head and shoulders above other teeth in a comparable price range. They are a private tooth you can be proud to prescribe to your patients, yet come at a remarkably attractive cost.


  • Inspired by nature, designed for living.

    enigmalife denture teeth are truly inspired by nature. Our guide in their design was the beauty, detail and proportions that nature builds into our teeth and we sought to reproduce its miracle. Never before in a range of denture teeth has so much attention been paid to its natural beauty.

  • It is no coincidence that MDT Enrico Steger chose the name "Zirkonzahn" for his South Tyrolean company in 2003. Without zirconia there would be no Zirkonzahn. Inspired by the base properties of this material and strongly convinced of being in front of the dental material of the future, Enrico Steger founded his company with the aim of getting the best out of zirconia for dental restorations. 

  • Zirkonzahn.Implant-Planner

    13 Mar 2019 Zirkonzahn

    With the Zirkonzahn.Implant-Planner implant planning software, the cooperation between the dentist and the dental laboratory can be taken to new levels, reconciling the planned aesthetic design of a prosthetic restoration with the planned implant situation (backward planning). 

  • EasyReview

    28 Feb 2019 Alison Woodcock

    This new service alerts you if a negative review has been left, and gives you full support on how to respond.

  • Perfactory P4k Series

    28 Feb 2019 Dan Hackney

    Introducing the only DLP-based 3D printers utilizing a true 4M pixel projector with UV optics tuned to 385nm wavelength. 

  • The Vector HD 3SP

    28 Feb 2019 Dan Hackney

    The Vector HD 3SP is ideal for those who need large parts up to 30,316 cubic cm (1850 cubic in.) with a resolution of 50.8 µm (0.002 in.). With a large build plafrom it is also suitable High detailed, mass production of parts with smooth surface finish. 

  • Vida HD cDLM

    28 Feb 2019 Dan Hackney

    The Vida HD cDLM is a high-speed continuous 3D printer. This printer is the second offering EnvisionTEC’s patented Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing technology and offers high resolution combined with blazing speeds.

  • 3-Dent 3SP

    28 Feb 2019 Dan Hackney

    EnvisionTEC’s 3Dent 3SP dental model printer uses 3SP (Scan, Spin, and Selectively Photocure) technology to quickly 3D print highly accurate dental models. 

  • EnvisionTEC Envision One cDLM Dental

    28 Feb 2019 Dan Hackney

    EnvisionTEC presents the latest in its line of high speed DLP 3D Printers. The Envision One cDLM Dental is a competitively priced desktop 3D printer that uses the EnvisionTEC patented cDLM technology and premium materials.

    The Envision One cDLM Dental provides dental and orthodontic professionals with premium grade results at the touch of a finger

  • 3D printing

    12 Feb 2019 Tri-Tech 3D Marketing Dept.

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