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Julia Coelho

Julia Coelho

Dentist / Aesthetic Doctor / Trainer / Founder, The Door W4 Dental Studio
Dr Julia Coelho is a highly respected professional, sought after nationally and Internationally. She has delivered thousands of treatments with exceptional stunning and natural-looking results. Dr Julia maintains strong ethical principles and her core ethos is to achieve the very best bespoke aesthetic enhancements but never at the sacrifice of Health or Function. Dr Julia completed her third University Degree in Dentistry from Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry. Her first two degrees in Languages and Biomedical Sciences led her to the path of becoming a Dental Surgeon, which she is passionate about. She has achieved her Postgraduate membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery examination which is accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons. In addition to this she has completed Postgraduate training in Advanced Cosmetic Restorative and in Dental Implants.