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Carmel Vickers-Wall

Carmel Vickers-Wall

Council Member
My Name is Carmel Vickers-Wall, and I am a Clinical Dental Technician based in the Northeast. I have been in the big world of dentistry since I was just 16 years old where I started out as a dental nurse. After completing my diploma, I assisted dentists, therapists, and oral surgeons all over Greater Manchester in both private and NHS dental practices. In 2019 I decided to expand my scope of practice into dental technology. In 2023 I graduated from UCLan on the full time Clinical Dental Technology programme. Since graduating with Honours, I have been working in a private denture clinic alongside some talented technicians. I currently see patients in our onsite clinic whilst fabricating all the denture work in the laboratory. Although young, I have a love for dentistry and giving people back their smile is my passion.