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Beth Brown

Beth Brown

Dental Technician, The Party Enamel and Tech Talk
Beth Brown is a Prosthetic and Digital Dental Technician at The Hive Dental Laboratory and Clinic, completing her original qualification in 2018 and her Master of Science in Dental Technology in 2023. Since her career began in 2014, she has worked in both NHS and private removable prosthetic laboratories, as well as many different speciality laboratories, including orthodontics, digital full arch, and denture clinics. Her accolades include University guest lecturer, Den-Tech Charity volunteer and Dental Technology continued education advocate. In 2022, Beth launched The Party Enamel, an inclusive business that aims to encourage the development of Dental Technicians worldwide through the means of CPD courses, mentoring and webinars. She also developed, produced and runs a global Dental Technology community and mobile app called Tech Talk which provides collaborations through shared resources, information, motivation, and support for Dental Technicians, regardless of their experience or current opportunities to develop their career. She prides herself in helping other professionals, collaborating to create harmonious clinical relationships and her commitment to life-long growth through education, experience, and knowledge.