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Dentistry Show 2019


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Conference Programme

Conference Programme

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DTS Lecture Theatre
  1. DTS Lecture Theatre
    The dental hybrid manufacturing solution combine the advantages of Additive Manufacturing with subtr ...
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CDT Conference & OTA Seminars



  1. CDT Conference & OTA Seminars
    Three patients were selected for rehabilitation of maxillary defects; this presentation will systema ...
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  2. CDT Conference & OTA Seminars
    The presentation will cover the prosthetic planning that can be undertaken prior to the immediate lo ...
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  3. CDT Conference & OTA Seminars
    As a Lab are you aware of the influx of digital technologies into the UK dental practice? Are you ab ...
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Digital & Innovation Theatre
  1. Digital & Innovation Theatre
    The use of digital technology to increase the profitability, predictability, and pleasurability of p ...
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