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27 Feb 2024

VITA - Pioneering. Reliability. Since 1924.

VITA Stand: H11
VITA - Pioneering. Reliability. Since 1924.

That is VITA PERFECT MATCH and the pioneering claim of VITA Zahnfabrik. All around the world, dental technicians and dentists ensure the best possible care for their patients by relying on the innovative premium products and services of the family-owned company from Bad Säckingen.
VITA. The dental factory.



Our mission
VITA PERFECT MATCH: We are continuously developing and creating better solutions for ideal esthetic and functional dentures. In this way, we support our users with outstanding restorations for their patients and improve quality of life.

Even better solutions for perfect dentures – VITA PERFECT MATCH.
Perfect prostheses are based on the perfect example – nature itself. The secret of VITA‘s success lies in its important pillars: our claim, our qualified employees who are committed to the company and the consistent expansion of our core competencies within the framework of clearly defined business areas. Another equally important aspect is strategic cooperation with selected partners with the goal of building strong networks.

Team spirit, innovative strength and reliability.
The company headquarters and location for research and development, production, logistics, sales and administration is in Bad Säckingen, situated in the tri-border region of Germany, France and Switzerland in the heart of Europe. Over 600 employees from more than 20 countries around the world work at VITA, demonstrating passion and reliability. In a symbiosis of craftsmanship and innovative technology, we are committed to advancing the field of dentistry and helping users and customers provide the best possible care for their patients.

Close to the user.
The vision of our company is to be closer to users than anyone else and to bring the PERFECT MATCH experience to life. Today, dentists and dental technicians in more than 150 countries work with VITA‘s quality products and restoration solutions.
Shade systems, CAD/CAM materials, press and veneering materials, as well as denture teeth and materials for the digital fabrication of dentures are offered through an international sales network that is very close to the customer.

VITA is pioneering.
The crucial factors in all of the product solutions from VITA are quality, application reliability and customer convenience. Four out of five tooth shades in the world are determined using the VITA shade standard. Thanks to ongoing advancements, the field of dental technology and dentistry is being fundamentally revolutionized: VITA has developed the first prosthetic tooth with enamel/dentin layering. For the first time in the world, VITA metal ceramic (VMK) and its
corresponding VMK technique is making it possible to veneer a metal framework and produce natural-looking dental restorations made of ceramic. VITA set an unprecedented milestone by introducing the VITA shade standard and the shade scales for tooth shade determination, launched the first CAD/CAM material with VITABLOCS and introduced the first hybrid ceramic to the market with VITA ENAMIC.

Being close to the user also means sharing knowledge. VITA lives and breathes continuing education, and as a competent knowledge partner for dental laboratories and practices, offers comprehensive and customized professional education programs. Users, commercial customers and teaching institutions, such as vocational schools and universities, all enjoy access to a comprehensive program with top international speakers.

Our vision
With commitment and conviction, we are pursuing our vision of bringing the VITA PERFECT MATCH experience to life. We want to be closer to the user than anyone else. As a result, the user is at the heart of everything we do.

Our brand commitment

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