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13 Aug 2020

Sticking with CPD

Sticking with CPD
So, how can you keep your learning and CPD topped up now that you’re back in the laboratory?

There will have been a hundred and one things on your mind over the past couple of months, many of which will likely have caused considerable stress. Since lockdown eased and the dental profession slowly started returning, CPD and learning will likely not have been a priority for you and your team.

However, it is important not to let your education fall by the wayside. This is especially important at a time when many dental teams are introducing new protocols and utilising new technologies. In fact, digital dentistry is really coming into its own right now. These technologies are providing the efficiency and productivity that labs need to deliver the exceptional services that are currently so important to their clients. The equipment is enhancing consistency of results and enabling technicians to concentrate on the high-end processes that require a level of artistry and skill that only a professional can achieve. In addition, the digital workflow is affording benefits in terms of infection control and prevention, with digital transfer of information, impressions and designs minimising the risk of cross contamination. To make the very most of these and many more advantages, it is crucial that dental labs remain abreast of the latest industry developments. It can also be highly advantageous to learn from colleagues and more experienced professionals in order to implement the very best processes and equipment for you.


So, how can you keep your learning and CPD topped up now that you’re back in the laboratory?


While most physical events are off the menu for the next few months, there are virtual alternatives to utilise. For example, there is a host of webinars available live and on demand from reputable suppliers and business within the sector to enjoy. Available through publishers and direct from manufacturers and suppliers, you’ll find an array of webinars online designed specifically for the lab community. Many are presented by leading lights in the field and offer insight into how others are overcoming particular challenges. Some sessions even provide the opportunity to interact, ask questions and discuss key topics like digital dentistry as well. Watch this space for a brand-new series of webinars coming from DTS in the near future as well!


Other ways to keep up the CPD include making the most of the professional publications and doing your own research online. Taking just 10 minutes out of your day, either at lunchtime or perhaps first thing in the morning to get up-to-date with the latest studies and editorials could be a huge help in keeping you informed.


Perhaps the most important factor is to ensure that you update your Personal Development Plan (PDP) to reflect the changes to your lab and learning schedule, if you haven’t already. In doing so, you can better prepare to continue your learning in topics that are most relevant to you, encouraging the quality of your on-going education.


CPD might not be on your mind right now, but it’s crucial not to forget about it completely. There are various ways to stay up-to-date virtually and safely, so make sure you are making the most of them.

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