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23 Jan 2024

Q&A with Nightshift founder Nina Frketin

Q&A with Nightshift founder Nina Frketin

DTS is proud to be working once again with an array of partners who are helping us ensure that our programme provides a comprehensive overview of the current dental technologies market. A brand-new partner for DTS 2024 is Nightshift, an organisation specially designed to elevate and celebrate female dental technicians. We caught up with Nightshift founder Nina Frketin to find out more about the group and what they have planned for DTS 2024.  


What is Nightshift and what was it set up to achieve?  

Nightshift is where we celebrate and normalise the brilliance of female dental technicians, and recognise them as industry leaders. Our online haven isn't just a group; it's a spirited community fostering unity and collaboration. 

Born from a call to action, Nightshift is our commitment to leaving the dental technology industry better for future generations. Our mission is to build inclusivity and empower each other. 


Who makes up the Nightshift team? 

Nina Frketin: Founder  

I'm the proud mind behind Nightshift, a venture sparked by my journey through the dental technology industry. Fuelled by a desire to see women equally represented, I founded this community to encourage and inspire. 

I am a key opinion leader, jet-setting international speaker, mentor, and global educator. Whether sharing insights online or in print as a published author, my aim is to contribute meaningfully to our vibrant dental community. 

Currently, I serve on the board of the College of General Dentistry and the editorial board of Laboratory Magazine, shaping the future of our profession and keeping the industry on its toes. 

Adding a dash of friendly competition, I secured third place at the Panthera Master Cup in 2023, a testament to my commitment to excellence and growth. 

From the get-go, I knew that making Nightshift a reality would require an incredible team. So I asked three phenomenal women to join me on this adventure… 


Deepa: The Heart and Soul  

First up, there's Deepa, not just an amazing tech but also my best friend. Her dedication and passion are the secret sauce that brings warmth to our Nightshift journey. Crafting beautiful smiles is not just her job; it's her art, and we're lucky to have her. 

Deepa is a dedicated dental technician with a journey that began in 2010 when she graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University. Currently, she finds her professional home at Dencraft Leicester, where she serves as a senior prosthetic technician.  

Beyond the laboratory, Deepa’s passion extends to dental photography. She has also contributed to various publications, including the Dental Technicians Guild Magazine, Laboratory Magazine, and  


Emily: The CDT Superstar 

Then there's Emily – a CDT I've been fan-girling over for years! Emily's skills and enthusiasm add a spark to our collective energy. She's not just a teammate; she's the kind of person you want to grab coffee with and chat about the latest news in the dental world. 

Emily is a tri-qualified dental professional (nurse, technician, and CDT). She has over 16 years of experience working within different dental settings, including the NHS, private, specialist, and hospital environments. She co-owns The Hive Dental Laboratory and Clinic, is on the board for the College of General Dentistry, and is an education associate for the GDC. She has won multiple awards, is on the editorial board for Laboratory Magazine, is a trustee for Den-Tech Charity, and lectures both nationally and internationally.    


Ella: The Strategist 

And last but certainly not least, we have Ella – the brain behind our operation. Smart, savvy, and always two steps ahead, Ella is the organisational wizard who turns our plans into reality. Her commitment is the backbone that keeps Nightshift running smoothly. 

Ella has a BSc in Management with Entrepreneurship and an MSc in Digital Marketing. She also has over 10 years of experience in dentistry, managing specialist implant practices, handling corporate takeovers, and starting squat practices.  

Ella has won over 20 awards, both personally and for the companies that she works for, and is now a judge for the Private Dentistry Awards. She regularly writes for and is on the editorial board for Laboratory Magazine. She is a trustee for Den-Tech Charity and co-owns The Hive Dental Laboratory and Clinic with her wife Emily.  


I couldn't have chosen a more committed and amazing trio to navigate the Nightshift journey with. Together, we're turning plans into action and making waves in the dental world. 


What plans do you have for Nightshift over the next 12 months? 

The next 12 months promise to be very exciting for Nightshift. We're thrilled to unveil an extraordinary lineup of speakers for our study club sessions throughout the year, host yet another symposium with some incredible in-depth seminars, and imminently launch our website – a platform we hope will evolve into a valuable resource for the community. Our commitment extends beyond these milestones as we strive to foster and fortify our community. We're dedicated to the belief that collective support and growth are achievable as each of us possesses unique insights to share and lessons to learn from one another.  


What are you looking forward to about partnering with DTS this year? 

We are thrilled that Nightshift will be making its debut at DTS 2024, and we can't wait to make it an unforgettable experience for everyone. This event is not just a dental technology show; it's a chance for all dental professionals to dive into the latest industry trends, connect with peers, and be part of a community that thrives on knowledge and support. 

We eagerly anticipate forging a partnership with DTS, as this collaboration not only promises to enhance our visibility within our professional community, but also underscores our commitment to elevating the prominence of female dental technicians in the UK.  


Why would you encourage people to attend DTS this year, and especially the Nightshift stand and sessions?  

Prepare to be wowed at the Nightshift stand – the 'IT' place to be at DTS 2024! We've got some incredible surprises in store, and our lineup of speakers in the Dental Technicians Hub is set to leave you in awe with their knowledge and expertise. This is your opportunity to get inspired, network with like-minded individuals, and be a part of something truly special. 

Nightshift is passionate about supporting female dental techs and providing them with a platform to be heard. DTS 2024 is a golden opportunity for our community to come together and show their support. Visiting our stand will not only contribute to the success of our group, but will also play a vital role in empowering female voices within the dental technology industry. 


How can people get involved with Nightshift?  

Becoming a part of Nightshift is as easy as following us on social media! Connect with us on Instagram: and Facebook: @nightshift for exclusive updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses. This is where you can attend our events, engage in online discussions, and even volunteer to share your valuable insights. Nightshift is more than just a platform; it's a community where knowledge is shared, friendships are formed, and everyone's voice is heard. 


P.S. Wondering why we chose the name Nightshift? 

Well, it's more than just a catchy title – it's a nod to all the unsung heroes working tirelessly in the lab, often in the shadows. 

Much like those nightshift workers burning the midnight oil, we, as females in the dental world, sometimes feel like the underdogs. We work hard, pour our passion into every piece we create, yet somehow, the spotlight often misses us. 

Nightshift is our way of changing that narrative. It's a beacon, a spotlight aimed at every dedicated individual in the lab who might not get the recognition they truly deserve. It's our collective effort to illuminate the hard work, dedication, and artistry that happens behind the scenes. 

So, here's to Nightshift – a name that represents the silent warriors of the lab, working tirelessly to craft beautiful smiles. 

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