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01 May 2024

Pioneering precision with digital innovations at DTS

Pioneering precision with digital innovations at DTS

With DTS around the corner, we are excited to reveal that Lola Welch will be taking to the podium to explore the dynamic frontiers of dental technology, highlighting the critical role of digital innovations in terms of advancing patient care and professional development.

At the upcoming Dental Technology Showcase (DTS), a key feature of Lola Welch’s participation will be her lecture entitled ‘Guided Surgery Planning 101,’ which will introduce dental technicians and clinicians to the digital implant planning process. This will include guide design and manufacturing, software selection, and the legal and anatomical aspects of implant planning.

Lola is a distinguished senior prosthetic technician based in the UK, with an impressive career spanning nearly two decades focused primarily on implant restoration. Currently employed at Ceramic Designs Lab in the Hove/Brighton area, she has devoted her professional life to implant technology since relocating to the UK over twenty years ago.

Further tapping into her areas of expertise, at DTS Lola will also be taking part in a number of other exciting activities, including demonstrations for DenTech and Skillbond Direct, focusing on the customisation of digital dentures.

Commenting on her participation at DTS, Lola explains, ‘Computer-guided surgery is a technique that uses CT scans, intraoral scans, or models to plan implant placements meticulously. This method ensures implants are optimally positioned based on anatomy and prosthetic outcomes, contrasting with the traditional, less precise methods of “eyeballing”.’

Addressing common misconceptions about digital dentistry, Lola also highlights the worry that digital processes might supplant traditional roles. Instead, she views these advancements as opportunities to enhance the roles within the dental team. She encourages embracing digital dentistry with curiosity and patience, noting it is a fun and rewarding field that can be mastered with practise.

The truth is that digital technology is already transforming dental labs by streamlining processes such as in-house milling and daily 3D printing, and it is important not to be left behind.

These innovations not only simplify tasks but also allow greater time for customisation and artistic expression. Indeed, Lola sees the profession as a fusion of art, medicine, and science, with digital technology helping to maintain this balance while enhancing efficiency and outcomes.

Looking forward to DTS, Lola is enthusiastic about the educational opportunities, the chance to network, and the potential to discover new developments in materials and machinery.

This event represents a significant opportunity for dental professionals to learn about the latest trends and innovations, something Lola eagerly anticipates and intends to use to its fullest to inspire colleagues across the team.

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