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19 Mar 2024

What you need to know about digital dentures

What you need to know about digital dentures

Emily Pittard, CDT and Clinical Director at The Hive Dental Laboratory and Clinic on what you need to know about digital dentures.

  • Can you give us an overview of what digital dentures are and the workflow involved in producing them? 

Digital dentures are a recent solution to removeable prosthetics, they are created using computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. The process typically involves scanning the patient's oral anatomy, designing the dentures digitally, and then using a milling or printing machine to craft the final product from materials like acrylic or resin. This technology streamlines the traditional denture-making process, it can offer improved precision, customisation, and quicker turnaround times for patients, as well as the option to quickly produce a spare if needed. There has been a big debate as to how you can get mucocompressive dentures with a scan and I aim to reveal this method during our talk. 


  • What are the benefits of digital workflows over analogue ones? 

Digital technologies enable precise and detailed 3D modelling, enhancing the accuracy of prosthetics and restorations. Additionally, digital workflows often lead to faster turnaround times for creating dental devices, and the ability to store patient data digitally facilitates efficient record-keeping and communication among dental professionals. Overall, these advancements contribute to improved patient experiences and enhanced efficiency in dental practices. 


  • What are the key messages that you would like delegates to come away from your session with? 

 - How important giving time to Charity is, in whatever way you can, the results are truly life transforming. 

 - To embrace the digital denture movement and understand the benefits of digital dentistry in enhancing the patient journey (from both the clinical and technical view) 


  • Are there any other developments in dental technology that you are particularly excited about? 

I am excited for the new digital age of dentistry and the increasing visibility of the clinical dental technician in dental teams. 


  • You’re also involved with the charity Den-Tech – can you tell us a bit about Den-Tech charity and the work that it does? 

Den-Tech is an incredible Charity, our focus is on improving access to oral healthcare for those so often forgotten - the homeless; the abused and the veterans for example. We also seek to educate and improve the lives of those overseas by building dental laboratories and educating the community so they can provide better oral healthcare for themselves. We are always looking for volunteers - anyone and everyone in the profession can help so get involved! 


  • What are you most looking forward to about attending DTS 2024? 

All of the talks from my fellow techs and CDTs - there is so much knowledge being given away for free!  

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