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05 May 2022

Helping technicians help dentists with scans

Helping technicians help dentists with scans

David Claridge is known in the dental profession for his expertise in digital dentistry and for supporting both dental technicians and dentists in their utilisation of the latest technologies. He will be sharing his wealth of knowledge at the Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) 2022, speaking to dental technicians about “How to triage your customers’ intraoral scans”. He says:

“I passionately believe that dental technicians, if they receive an ‘inferior’ intraoral scan, should be able to help their clients improve their technique for the future. Around 95% of scans I review on a weekly basis are perfect, but when they’re not, a technician should be able to advise the dentist about how to avoid the same issues next time. For example, maybe they would benefit from better moisture control or from using a locking tool.

“I want to support technicians by giving them tips and tricks to help their customers improve their scans, creating a smoother workflow going forward. Delegates will leave armed with greater knowledge of the procedure and with confidence to enhance their working relationships and communication with the dentists they collaborate with. If anyone needs more specific help after the session, I’d also be more than happy to help!”


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