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19 Feb 2024

Custom-made auricular splint provision: a new role for dental professionals

Custom-made auricular splint provision: a new role for dental professionals

James Green, Maxillofacial and Dental Laboratory Manager at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, will be speaking at this year’s Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) about custom-made auricular splint provision. This custom-made medical device was developed by James in collaboration with plastic surgeons and clinical nurse specialists, and James’ session at DTS this year will guide attendees through a step-by-step construction process. We caught up with James ahead of the show to find out more.  

You’ll be speaking at DTS this year about custom-made auricular splint provision. Can you give us a brief overview of what you’ll be speaking about?  

I’ll be speaking about auricular reconstruction and a new custom-made medical device called the auricular splint. Auricular reconstruction is a surgical procedure that involves rebuilding or repairing the auricle (the external part of the ear) and may be required by individuals with a congenitally absent or underdeveloped auricle as well as those who have lost their auricle due to disease or trauma.  

A few years ago, I met with a couple of plastic surgeons who were looking for a way to maintain the symmetry, size and projection of reconstructed auricles. The technique we developed is extremely effective and has now been used successfully for more than 200 patients. 

Why did you choose this topic to present at DTS this year? 

I’d like to raise awareness of auricular reconstruction and splinting and demonstrate how techniques that are more commonly associated with dental technology can be applied in a different way. I’ll be showing how dental professionals can have a role in providing auricular splints, either in making the required impressions or constructing the splints themselves. 

What do you hope that delegates will take away from your speaking session?  

I hope delegates will gain an understanding of why auricular reconstruction is necessary, how auricular splinting can improve outcomes, and the way in which auricular splints are constructed. Whilst this is a new technique, the materials needed to make these splints should be readily available in most dental laboratories. 

Are there any other recent or upcoming developments in dental technology that you’re particularly excited about?  

It’s an exciting time for dental technology and DTS provides an ideal opportunity to discover any new digital innovations. This year I’m especially interested in finding out more about 3D printing and biocompatible 3D printer resins. 

Apart from your own speaking session, what else are you looking forward to about attending DTS this year?  

I’ve now been attending DTS for a decade and, as always, I’m anticipating a superb range of exhibitors and speakers. In addition to my roles at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Broomfield Hospital, I’m Secretary of the Orthodontic Technicians Association (OTA) and a past president of the Dental Technologists Association so I’ll be looking forward to catching up with members of these organisations. 

You can see James’ session, ‘Custom-made auricular splint provision: a new role for dental professionals,’ in the Dental Technicians’ Hub on Friday 17th May at 09:30 at this year’s DTS.  

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