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News, webinars and press releases

News, webinars and press releases


  • For the dental laboratory team, staying up-to-date with the latest products, skills and technologies in the profession is a must. 
  • Awareness surrounding mental health has increased drastically in the past few years. We now have a much greater appreciation for how mental wellbeing can impact on an individual, their quality of life ...
  • The GDC has opened a consultation on its plans for the next three years relating to the prevention of patient harm and complaints handling.  
  • We all know that continuing professional development (CPD) is a vital part of every dental professional’s career.
  • By now, we are all only too familiar with the ‘cost-of-living crisis’ headlines that continue to saturate the national news.
  • The GDC recently published a report on the impact of COVID-19 on oral health and dentistry designed to help dental professionals better understand patient needs.
  • David Claridge is known in the dental profession for his expertise in digital dentistry and for supporting both dental technicians and dentists in their utilisation of the latest technologies.
  • Matt Everatt, Director of S4S Dental, will be presenting in the CDT Conference and OTA Seminars, on behalf of the OTA, at the Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) this May.
  • Sarah Davies-Hibbert will be speaking as part of the OTA Seminars at the Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) 2022.
  • The dental team today has access to a plethora of products, materials and techniques, each designed to meet the needs of different cases.



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  • Affordable Without Compromise! The all-new Hydraulic Press for Valplast Flexible Partial Dentures will be showcased at the DTS 2022.   
  • The dental company SprintRay is introducing new products that add to an already well proven system to allow customers to bring their dental workflow to the next level.
  • MiYO demonstrations

    05 Apr 2022 Dominique Gigante
    Stefan Mueller, Jensen's Technical Advisor will be demonstrating the fantastic MiYO liquid ceramic system on Panadent's stand over the show two days. Not to be missed !     
  • The Dental Technology Showcase 2022 will see Ivoclar exhibit their compact and precise milling unit, the PrograMill Dry for the first time at an event in the UK.
  • REITEL - Steam Cleaner at its best!

    24 Feb 2022 Christian Roesch
    STAR steam cleaner in white laqueered steel is the entry in REITEL steam cleaning range. 4,5 bar and 3,5 l tank are the technical data to know. STEAMY MINI, the most sold steam cleaner of Reitel is po ...
  • Dental Technologies has annonced a major rebranding of visual content, and remains committed to the quality of editorial content.
  • Dental Technologies is pleased to announce the launch if its new website in February 2022.  
  • Shape 1 + Dental adopts DLP 3D printer from Rayshape is equipped with Texas Instruments DMD chip. It’s the ideal printer choice for clinics or labs, combines best-in-class speed and performance.
  • The DLA at DTS 2019!

    29 Apr 2019 Steve Campbell
    Based on the feedback from last year’s DTS, the DLA have put together an exhibition plan which will offer something for all DLA members throughout the Dental Technology Show 2019!  Importantly, the DL ...
  • Jason Ingham, senior chief technologist, and laboratory manager describes how using his skills in a sleep clinic for obstructive sleep apnoea sufferers has turned around productivity.
  • Orion Laser Welder

    27 Mar 2019
    The LZR100 laser welding machine provides a powerful tabletop machine with all the technological and engineering benefits of other larger models. This small machine delivers a higher-duty cycle that m ...
  • Prettau® 2 zirconia combines an extraordinary flexural strength with excellent translucency. 
  • EasyReview helps you deal with any bad reviews before they have a chance to fester. It alerts you if a negative review has been left, and gives you full support on how to respond.
  • The place to be

    29 Jun 2018
    Sponsored by Invisalign and iTero, the Short-Term Ortho Lounge was a key attraction at the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2018 for dentists with a special interest in short-term orthodon ...
  • The OTA Seminars at the Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) 2018 ensured all orthodontic technicians had access to the latest information and advice they needed on materials, appliances, techniques and t ...
  • Videos and music from Bob Dylan and the Sex Pistols accompanied a lecture called “Telescope technique 2.0” co-presented by Dentist Dr Marc Römer and Master Dental Technician Andreas Leimbach in the DT ...
  • CDT Conference 2018

    28 Jun 2018
    Catering for all clinical dental technicians, DTS 2018 once again hosted the CDT Conference – supported by the British Association of Clinical Dental Technology (BACDT).  
  • At the Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) 2018, the Digital & Innovation Theatre was dedicated to the latest and greatest advances in the field of digital dentistry.
  • Once again, the Dental Technicians Guild (DTG) did a sterling job of programming the education in the DTS Lecture Theatre at the Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) 2018. Chaired by Phil Reddington, two ...
  • The Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) 2018 shined through once again as one of the most highly commended events of the year. In partnership with the Dental Laboratory Association (DLA) the two-day conf ...
  • Most of the technicians know that going digital requires time and money. You’ll need to research to learn all you can about the different systems. You can talk with other labs that are similar in size ...
  • The leading dental manufacturer are exhibiting at BDA’s Dentistry Show and Dental Technology Showcase (DTS). Once again, their clinical, technical and digital products will be showcased over two adjac ...
  • 2018 for the whole lab team The Straumann Digital Performance Roadshow Truck will be at DTS 2018! The Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) 2018 will host an array of industry-leading speakers throughout i ...
  • Brand new charity Den-Tech launches Den-Tech is the brain child of dental technicians Andrea Johnson and Andrew Sinclair who after visiting Uganda with a clinically orientated dental charity realised ...



    01 May 2019 Dominique Gigante
  • World Leading Lab & Clinician equipment

    04 Apr 2019 Jonathan Rayfield
  • Orion Laser Welder

    27 Mar 2019

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