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Reitel Feinwerktechnik

Stand: F26
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Model trimmers
  • Lathes & polishing
  • Sand Blasters
  • Vibrators

REITEL has been synonymous with stainless steel for over 30 years! Stainless steel allows us to produce high-quality, durable products for dental laboratories and practices. REITEL stands for resistance to water, humidity, and certain acids, ensuring hygiene standards. Its timeless design features intuitive operation and easily replaceable components. Handcrafted in Bad Essen, we offer custom solutions and meet specific needs. With a comprehensive quality guarantee, we deliver our stainless steel products from the Osnabrück region to over sixty countries worldwide. Our experienced team provides targeted advice on stainless steel quality, incorporating customer feedback into product development and improvement.


Senfdamm 20
Bad Essen

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  • The STEAMY MINI is a powerful and compact introduction to steam jet devices by Reitel. Its manual filling feature makes the device independent of complex installations, and the handle mounted on top a ...
  • Mixing devices are constantly in motion, which is why a durable material like stainless steel is highly recommended.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning allows for thorough cleaning different types of materials. Workpieces that must not be exposed to high temperatures can be optimally cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • The ERGORET CLASSIC is a workstation for grinding and processing dental models, frameworks, orthodontic appliances or dusty workpieces. It is especially useful when processing zirconium with a water c ...
  • The wet trimmer ROTOGRIND MINI offers a very favourable price-performance ratio.
  • For those with limited space in their dental laboratory, having as much functionality as possible in a small area is likely a priority. When cleanliness and order are also maintained, everything is pe ...
  • Say goodbye to the typical "dirt corner"! With the BIOSTEAM CENTER, you ensure a clean and hygienic working environment in your dental lab while also protecting your health.
  • With the TRONADA, you bring a true all-rounder into your dental laboratory. This device operates completely autonomously when it comes to refilling. Connected to the water supply, an integrated pump e ...
  • The SUPERSTEAM steam cleaner has proven to be reliable for meeting the high demands of a dental technician's daily work. Especially in settings with heavy usage, the large, manually refillable 5-liter ...
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