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Dentistry Show 2019


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Exhibitor Testimonials

“The DTS has renewed my relationships with existing customers and allowed me to make contact with new ones. I’ve had a good amount of interest from lab owners and even more from practices.  My main reason for being here is to promote my business and to reach an audience that I wouldn’t normally reach.  It’s great to be part of a multidisciplinary event and I’ll be back next year.” 

Ed Attenborough, Attenborough Direct

“There had been lots of interest and a reasonable amount of new business. It’s a great opportunity to show off new kit, for example 3D printers.  This show is a fantastic chance to have a face to face chat with customers and meet new people.  I would probably come again.”

Phil Evans, Techceram

“The DTS means we can increase exposure of our business to more people and there’s been lots of interest from UK lab owners. I have made contact with lots of news customers and dealers and it’s a great way of showing the industry that VITA is still in the market.  I love catching up with customer s old and new and I’ve already signed up for next year.”

Shane Kent, KG

“I came here to connect with more labs, practices and dentists. The DTS gets people talking about you and learning what you are about.”

Carmen Ausserhofer, Zirkonzahn LTD

“I have a really busy day and the DTS helped me to reach a varied customer base in a short amount of time.”

Roberta Braga, Zermack SPA

“The DTS helped us to market the product and close sales that were in the pipeline. We’ll be back next year.”

Straumann UK Ltd

“The DTS plays a huge part in our marketing and selling strategies. A lot of the new products we launch are given the greatest level of exposure because we bring them to the show. We are very fortunate that our stand is incredibly busy, and this level of feedback and interaction improves business relationships.  It also gives our staff the chance to meet people that they speak to daily on the phone. The DTS means we bring our whole business together for the day.”

Matt Fendt, WHW Plastics

“The DTS has a great lab attendance which means we have lots of high quality interest. We have a new dealer as a result of coming to the DTS which means we have met our objective.  There’s been a very high footfall and we’ve seen more customers than ever.  We’ll be booking again.” 

Julie Underhay, Lab Manager, John Winter

“The event has hit the quality mark I would have expected and it’s far superior to other shows.  It’s a great way to check out dental lab supplies and there are so many useful stands to visit and people to meet.”

Andrea Johnson, OTA

Speaker Testimonials

"There’s a great focus on technicians here, and a good line-up of speakers. I like that companies actually put on demos on their stands too. It’s great that DTS is coupled with the Dentistry Show – it’s a good opportunity for people to meet with dentists and clients who aren’t necessarily geographically close to them. 
I’d say it’s vitally important to attend – a lot of technicians don’t the chance to go to courses so here they get an opportunity to see and sample training for free and know whether it’s worth investing in it, rather than blindly selecting programmes."
Phil Reddington, Head Ceramist, Technical Director and Managing Director, Beever Dental

"It’s my first year here, and I’m loving it – it’s a wonderful show. For me the UK is special as I’ve been teaching here for the last four years and I’m happy to see industry events here are in line with how shows should be – full of interaction, booth demonstrations, experts showing techniques, and the combination with the clinical side. .

Events should be inspiring. There may be technicians sitting here who are 60 years old and haven’t been to a show in three years and it’s important to encourage these professionals to learn and keep coming back to develop their skills. Thank you for inviting me, and I hope you’ll have me back!"
Peter Pizzi, Owner, Pizzi Dental Studio


"It’s been an absolutely incredible event. We’ve had some amazing speakers – it’s been a rocker! Other industry events are just trade shows, but something special happens at DTS and the Dentistry Show with a huge interdisciplinary team coming together. Having world-class speakers like Peter Pizzi and John Wibberley, who technicians look up to, means there’s a great sharing of information which then filters back into the products they’re using. 

For me, genuinely, it is the best industry event – you can quote me on that everyday of the week. The DTS and Dentistry Show is THE event. 
Today it was so encouraging to see dentists in DTS sessions. The only way we’ll achieve true excellence is with technicians and surgeons sat in the same room."
Stephen Campbell, Dental Technician, Nexus Dental Laboratory

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