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Vsmile 3d Multilayer Zirconia Block

VSMILE Hall: 5 Stand: D08
  • Vsmile 3d Multilayer Zirconia Block
  • Vsmile 3d Multilayer Zirconia Block
Vsmile 3d Multilayer Zirconia Block Vsmile 3d Multilayer Zirconia Block

Dental CADCAM Material 3D Prism Multilayer Zirconia Blocks UP To 57% Translucency for Open CADCAM System


Vsmile 3D Prism Multilayer Zirconia Disc 9-layer (4 layers plus 5 transition layers) is a dental multilayer zirconium oxide (3Y-TZP cervical, 5Y-TZP incisal) with natural color and translucency gradient and high flexural strength (1200 MPa cervical, 700 MPa incisal)


During production, the 3D Prism Multilayer has 5 layers of recolored zirconia stacked on top of each other, building up 4 transition layers in the process. The 3D Prism Multilayer features gradient layer transitions across the disc, making it an anesthesia solution with high color stability and easy polishing to a high gloss. Extremely natural color transitions for vivid, aesthetic restorations of up to 14 units. A new dimension of fully anatomical restoration.


Technical Data



Flexural strength



Processing techniques


700 -1200MPA





Anterior Full Crown

Posterior Full Crown

 Planting Full Crown

Bridge(3 Units)

Bridge(>4 Units)

Coping(3 Units )

Cut-back technique

Layering technique




High Aesthetic

Wide range of indications

High-quality production process

Extremely natural color transition for vivid, lively restorations.

Efficient fabrication of natural looking


based on multilayer technology to ensure a cubic phase inside the zirconia can be fabricated to reduce light birefringence to any kind of tetragonal zirconia polycrystals stabilized with 3mol% Y2O3 zirconia, so translucency can be increased.




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A1: Yes, we are a manufacturer from China.

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