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27 Feb 2024

VITA ZYRCOMAT 6100 MS offers a choice of three sintering modes: HighSpeed, conventional and user-defined. The ultimate in flexibility!

VITA Stand: H11


  • Homogenous distribution of heat inside the sintering chamber
  • Fully automatic calibration with guaranteed temperature accuracy (VITA Autoadjust)
  • An extended service life and long-term energy-saving operation (VITA Energy Efficiency)
  • Gentle sintering of all conventional materials such as white and highly-translucent industrially and manually pre-colored zirconia in all operating modes for consistent and convincing firing results
  • HighSpeed sintering under 60 minutes (VITA HighSpeed)
  • HighSpeed sintering of bridge frameworks with up to 14 units
  • Sintering of all ceramic dental framework materials based on ZrO2 and Al2O3
  • Gentle, stress-free sintering in all modes through controlled cooling to 400°C
  • Integrated low-temperature pre-drying (VITA PreDry) with a seamless transition to the sintering program
  • Optional modular system upgrades for greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness
  • Sintering up to 80 units stacked in two levels
  • Archiving and management of process data with the VITA Firing Data System (FDS)


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