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27 Feb 2024

VITA VACUMAT 6000 MP - Reliable firing and pressing for all commercially-available materials

VITA Stand: H11


  • A firing muffle with maximum durability ("Made in Germany") and reliable electronics for consistently excellent firing results
  • Automatic prevention of condensation in the firing chamber (VITA AntiCon)
  • Automatic temperature adjustment to +/-1 °C every time a program is started (VITA AutoAdjust)
  • An automatic cleaning function (VITA SpecialClean)
  • VITA CPress ceramic press technology developed by VITA that offers fault-free operation
  • Automatic press path monitoring as well as automatic detection by VITA PressControl of the pressing pellets used
  • Controlled fast cooling and energy-saving night mode (VITA Energy Efficiency)
  • Archiving and management of process data with the VITA Firing Data System (FDS)
  • Operate up to four furnaces using just a single VITA vPad control unit
  • Use the VITA MultiPump to supply up to four furnaces with just a single vacuum pump – a simply unique system, patented by VITA
  • Reduce your energy bills by up to 70 % with VITA Energy Efficiency


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