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SUPERSTEAM - Steam cleaner

Reitel Feinwerktechnik Stand: F26

The SUPERSTEAM steam cleaner has proven to be reliable for meeting the high demands of a dental technician's daily work. Especially in settings with heavy usage, the large, manually refillable 5-liter tank is optimally suited for long-term use.

With temperatures of up to 160°C and pressures up to 6 bar, objects can be easily cleaned of contaminants. The SUPERSTEAM offers multiple cleaning options: dry and wet steam, as well as a brewing and compressed air function, each of which can be individually adjusted. The steam gun is comfortable to hold due to its insulation and ergonomic shape, and can optionally be equipped with a Luer Lock adapter.

For a clean working environment and health-conscious operation, the BIOSTEAM CENTER is a useful accessory to the SUPERSTEAM. It automatically sucks in the steam and traps the dirt in an integrated filter.


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