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STEAMY MINI - Steam cleaner

Reitel Feinwerktechnik Stand: F26

The STEAMY MINI is a powerful and compact introduction to steam jet devices by Reitel. Its manual filling feature makes the device independent of complex installations, and the handle mounted on top allows for mobile use in the workshop or your production facility for cleaning construction parts or workpieces.

The 3.5-liter tank generates over 5 square meters of saturated steam and impresses with its excellent cleaning effect. Whether for pre-cleaning or rinsing after a processing step, it removes soft, tough, sticky contaminations. Adhesives, oils, and polishing pastes are eliminated with pressure and heat.

The insulated, ergonomically designed steam gun with a Luer-Lock adapter allows for various attachments for internal or external cleaning. Nozzles of 1.5 mm or 2.5 mm, as well as internal cleaning brushes in various diameters and lengths and an external cleaning brush, enhance the cleaning effect of the hot steam and heat with mechanical force.

Additionally, the exhaust steam tray, which captures arising impurities, and the BIOSTEAM CENTER, which also features lighting and a 3-fold filter, ensure hygienic working conditions.


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