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Ultrasonic cleaning allows for thorough cleaning different types of materials. Workpieces that must not be exposed to high temperatures can be optimally cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner.

Even hard-to-reach places are cleaned by the cavitation bubbles induced by high-frequency sound waves. The SWEEP mode (frequencies variation) offers an optimum sound field distribution in the cleaning bath and even ultrasonic effect. The constantly changing frequencies avoid damage to sensitive objects and ensure very effective and gentle cleaning. If necessary, the cleaning performance can be intensified by starting the integrated heating.

The high-quality stainless steel tank and the housing are resistant to many acids and alkalis and enable the use of a variety of cleaning chemicals, if required. The stainless steel lid, coming with the device, prevents outgassing of the liquids and thus odour nuisance in your production facility.

Whether different metal alloys, plastics or ceramics - the SONIRET SWEEP ensures excellent and gentle cleaning.


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