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NexxZr T

Sagemax Stand: D12

NexxZr T is a dental zirconium oxide (3Y-TZP) with very high flexural strength (1270 MPa) and medium translucency (42%). This combination enables a maximum variety of indications for the fabrication of monolithic and anatomically reduced single-tooth and bridge restorations. The soft material quality of the discs positively affects the lifetime of the milling tools and ensures effortless separation and post-processing. Thanks to these properties, NexxZr T provides an economic advantage for the users in the laboratory.
The proven product properties of the material were honored several times with the Dental Advisor Award "Long-Term-Performer Esthetic Zirconia".

Flexural strength 1270 MPa

Translucency 42%

Processing techniques
- Infiltration technique (NexxZr T Coloring Liquids, NexxZr Effect Liquids)
- Staining technique
- Cut-back technique
- Layering technique


  • CAD / CAM
  • No