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Reitel Feinwerktechnik Stand: F26

Say goodbye to the typical "dirt corner"! With the BIOSTEAM CENTER, you ensure a clean and hygienic working environment in your dental lab while also protecting your health. REITEL's exhaust steam center utilizes an integrated extraction system to remove annoying steam fumes during the steaming of dental workpieces. Emerging dirt particles are captured in a special condensation filter. The device's tank collects water, allowing for flexible placement in the dental lab, independent of a sink.

The work area within the exhaust steam center is equipped with a bright LED light. The device itself can be conveniently turned on and off with a foot switch. The filters within the BIOSTEAM CENTER can be changed easily, ensuring a smooth workflow.

The BIOSTEAM CENTER also reduces the risk of contamination when cleaning worn dental prostheses or instruments with the steam jet. A Plexiglas pane is available upon request to direct any recoiling steam away from the user's face. With this dental device, adhering to hygienic regulations and standards in the lab is no longer a concern!


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