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Conference Programme 2024


Reimagining prosthetic dentistry: exploring stratasys solutions

18 May 2024
DTS Lecture Theatre
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Reimagining prosthetic dentistry: exploring stratasys solutions

Learning Content

Enter the forefront of cutting-edge prosthetic dentistry and explore how Stratasys is revolutionising prosthodontics with its innovative dental applications. Join Robert Kreyer CDT as he reveals how Stratasys printer solutions using DLP and PolyJet technologies. Hear how GrabCAD software streamlines the printing process, from part creation to assembly and nesting.

Learning Aims

Introduce Stratasys Dental applications - Discuss clinical applications for implant solutions - Present benefits of Stratasys technology for implant models - Introduce Stratasys removable prosthetic dental solutions.

Learning Objectives

Understand the impact of Stratasys Dental Solutions on implant prosthodontics. - Gain insight into the material capabilities offered by Stratasys printer solutions and how they contribute to enhancing the quality and precision of prosthetic dental products. - Learn how GrabCAD software facilitates efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in prosthetic dentistry.
Robert Kreyer, Lead Applications Engineer - Stratasys Dental