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Shade communication: tips and shade matching software

17 May 2024
DTS Lecture Theatre
Shade communication: tips and shade matching software

Learning Content

This presentation will look at different topics under the umbrella of shade communication. What is the importance of value? Is the position of the camera important during dental photography? Other topics presented during this session will be: opalescence, dehydration and the new shade matching software.

Learning Aims

Provide information on common errors that we see in the laboratory and surgery every day that influence the final result of a restoration - Discuss the importance of value, dehydration and camera position - Discuss the impact of new shade matching software.

Learning Objectives

Understand the importance of good shade communication between the surgery and laboratory and how to simplify communication - Recognise common errors that have been normalised in shade communication - Understand the importance of a good dental photography and the importance of matching the value (colour) in a restoration - Be able to better reproduce some dental characteristics like opalescence.
Hugo Sousa, Dental Technician - Nexus Dental, Bolton University, Yeovil College