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Conference Programme 2024


Dental scanner inaccuracy - problems and solutions

17 May 2024
Digital Dentistry Theatre
A , B , C , D
Dental scanner inaccuracy - problems and solutions

Learning Content

Ready to scan like a pro? Join Chris Lefkaditis and Patrik Zachrisson as they unveil expert techniques and tips to elevate your scanning game to the next level.

Learning Aims

Acquire expert techniques for achieving high-quality scans in dental practice - Learn essential tips to enhance scanning efficiency and accuracy - Explore advanced scanning features and their applications in clinical settings - Develop proficiency in utilising dental scanners to optimise patient care.

Learning Objectives

Master techniques for achieving precise and accurate scans using dental scanning technology. - Implement best practices for optimizing scanning workflows and minimizing errors. - Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing advanced scanning features for enhanced clinical outcomes. - Enhance confidence in scanning proficiency and efficiency through hands-on learning experiences.
Chris Lefkaditis, Course Director - International Digital Dental Academy
Patrik Zachrisson, Dental Surgeon - International Digital Dental Academy