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Conference Programme 2024


Live stream: In conversation with Steven Bartlett: a fireside chat

18 May 2024
DTS Lecture Theatre

Learning Content

Join us for an engaging fireside chat with Dragon, podcaster, investor, best-selling author and entrepreneur Steven Bartlett. Discover insights into the intersection of entrepreneurship and dentistry as Steven shares his experiences and expertise. Gain valuable perspectives on innovation, leadership, marketing to navigate the challenges in the dental industry.

Learning Objectives

Understand the role of social media and digital marketing in business growth - Understand different strategies for growing a business - Understand the importance of leadership and workplace culture when creating a successful business.
Nilesh Parmar, Owner Parmar Dental Group - Parmar Dental
Steven Bartlett, Entrepreneur, speaker, investor, bestselling author and the host of Europe's No.1 podcast ‘The Diary of a CEO’