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How to give your patients superb immediate dentures

18 May 2024
Dental Technicians Hub
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How to give your patients superb immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are often some of the most difficult and poorly tolerated dentures that we give patients. This session will share the techniques that Rowan Garstang and Finlay Sutton use to achieve predictable results with immediate dentures. It will demonstrate how to make superb impressions, even with mobile teeth in the way.

Learning Aims

Present a step-by-step process to produce dentures which are as stable, comfortable and secure as possible Discuss methods for taking superb impressions even with mobile teeth and bridges Discuss planning cases to achieve optimum aesthetics and function of immediate dentures Discuss improving communication between clinician and dental technician
Finlay Sutton, Prosthodontist &Patron - Den-Tech