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Digital dentistry unleashed: iBar design essentials

17 May 2024
Dental Technicians Hub
Digital dentistry unleashed: iBar design essentials

Explore precision and efficiency in dental design, focusing on crafting Ibar designs. Understand key features relevant to digital dentistry, learn essentials of Ibar design, and seamlessly integrate digital designs into the dental lab workflow. Engage in discussions, concluding with key takeaways for the future of dentistry.

Learning Aims

Discuss Ibar design essentials through a step-by-step guide Explore the seamless integration of design software into the dental lab workflow Discuss the broader implications for innovation in modern dentistry.
Caroline Kirkpatrick, Clinical Dental Technician - OTS Dental Laboratory
Patricia Ribera, Cad-Cam Dental Technician. Accredited Instructor Blenderfordental - None