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Conference Programme 2023


Utilising iTero's NIRi technology and exocad dentalshare in the lab

12 May 2023
Digital Dentistry Theatre
B , C

This session will cover how labs can use iTero NIRI technology to aid in digital design with the IO camera pictures to assist in margin line detection, and how it can help with the layer of the crown with the near inferred imaging showing natural tooth effects. It will also show how labs, clinicians, external partners and production centres can use exocad dentalshare to communicate about cases.

  • Understand how technicians can use the NIRI technology in the digital design workflow
  • Show how the information can be passed on to the ceramic team to be used for the crown layering
  • Understand the benefits of exocad dentalshare
Scott Hippey, Dental Technician - Alien Dental Laboratory