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Conference Programme 2023


Successful partial dentures: A busy practitioner’s guide

13 May 2023
BDA Theatre
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Successful partial dentures: A busy practitioner’s guide

In this step-by-step guide to providing partial dentures Graham will lead you through the practical stages of designing and providing partial dentures for your patients, as well as how to maintain them. These simple and effective steps will help you care for your patients and enable you to provide them with the smile they deserve in an efficient and stress-free process.

  • Explore the importance of design and preparation of the mouth
  • Understand and be able to apply the correct treatment sequence
  • Know how to communicate effectively a design for partial dentures
  • Understand the different alternatives and be able to discuss these with the patient
  • Be able to prescribe a maintenance regime to your denture patients.
Graham Stokes, General Dental Practitioner and Director - GDS Educational Services ltd