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Conference Programme 2023


Personalised, step-wise treatment of patients with periodontitis and peri-implantitis

12 May 2023
Dental Hygienist & Therapist Symposium
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This lecture will present the new clinical practice guidelines for stages I-III and stage IV periodontitis, as well as give a sneak peek into the peri-implantitis guideline developed by the European Federation of Periodontology.

  • Gain knowledge on the recommendations of the EFP Clinical Practice Guidelines for the treatment of stage I-III, as well as stage IV periodontitis, and peri-implantitis
  • Understand how to apply these guidelines to clinical practice
  • Gain an understanding of the guideline process – how were these recommendations developed and how can we be sure that they are sufficiently independent and robust?
Moritz Kebschull, Prof - UOB