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Conference Programme 2023


Saving the Profession for the next generation?

13 May 2023
BAPD Private Dentistry Theatre
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Saving the Profession for the next generation?

The Covid pandemic shone a spotlight on UK dentistry and it is fair to say that it showed a profession in a state of disarray. What should we, all of us: registrants, regulators, professional associations, indemnifiers, the dental trade and dental media, be doing to remedy this state of affairs?

  • Recognising the role that 'politics' plays in introducing risks into patient care
  • Understanding the individual's duty to raise concerns about things outside of the clinical scenario that could potentially put patients at risk
  • Constructive leadership - when and how to speak out
  • Encouraging behaviours and attitudes that will maintain patient confidence in the profession
  • Educating the public about quality dentistry
  • Simple pointers to enable clinical excellence
Bertie Napier, Immediate Past-President - The British Association of Private Dentistry (The BAPD)