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Conference Programme 2023


How to identify a “tooth-like” composite

13 May 2023
BACD Aesthetic & Digital Dentist Theatre
How to identify a “tooth-like” composite

After seventy years of restorative resin evolution, are we any closer to finding a synthetic composite that matches tooth structure? This session will introduce the Key Clinical Performance Indicator (KCPI) values that impact the long-term viability of restorations. Each testing value will be examined and the speaker will explain how it corelates to the restoration within the oral environment.  

  • To identify the six KCPI values
  • Understand the corelation between bench testing and the oral environment
  • Understand the ‘baseline” values for natural tooth structure
  • Be able to review composite materials and identify those that are tooth-like, vs those that are not
Gregor Connell, North American Director of Clinical Education - VOCO Canada / VOCO America Inc