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Conference Programme 2023


The Road Ahead: Probing into the Future

12 May 2023
Next Generation Conference
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The Road Ahead: Probing into the Future

This talk will explore the future of dentistry. It will provide insight on the latest technological advances in dentistry and the impact of changing patient demographics, their evolving oral health needs and how dental teams can adapt to meet these by embracing a patient-centered approach, building strong relationships with their patients and staying up to date through education.

  • Describe the future changes and challenges dentists and their team will encounter
  • Explain how continuing education and professional development will help mitigate and manage such challenges
  • Consider their own learning needs and understand how to access different educational opportunities
  • Evaluate learning needs and recognise the need to staying up to date to adopt a patient-centred approach to care
Ulpee Darbar, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Director of Dental Education - Eastman Dental Hospital Education Centre, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust