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Conference Programme 2023


Regenerative endodontics: An update and guide for the general practitioner

13 May 2023
Specialty Interest Theatre
A , C , D

This session will cover the full history of regenerative endodontics and how it affects current dental practice. It will look at updated research on effective management of deep carious lesions and discuss the full scope of treatment options. The latest evidence related to vital pulp therapy will also be covered.

  • Understand the meaning of regenerative endodontics and vital pulp therapy
  • Be able to appreciate alternative treatment options for teeth traditionally diagnosed with irreversible pulpitis
  • Understand the various techniques in managing deep carious lesions in symptomatic and asymptomatic teeth
Awaz Sharief, Dentist with special interest in endodontics - Bupa dental care Bolton Silverwell/mydentist Padgate