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Conference Programme 2023


How can my practice beat the cost-of-living crisis?

12 May 2023
Dental Business Theatre
How can my practice beat the cost-of-living crisis?

We’re all feeling the pinch and it’s painful! However, it’s not all bad news – join us in this financially focused session and our panel of experts will give you the insights and answers you need to keep your practice and personal finances on track. It could be the best investment you’ll make this year!

  • Hear what impact the cost-of-living crisis is continuing to have on dental practices and employees
  • Learn what you should be doing right now to protect the longevity of your business and finances
  • Discover alternative ways you can be supporting your dental team through financial struggles.
Iain Stevenson, Head of Dental - Wesleyan Financial Services
Chris Barrow, Business Coach, Writer, Speaker - Professional Coaching Services Ltd
Mike Blenkharn, Partner, Head of Dental - UNW
Lisa Bainham, Practice Manager /ADAM Chairperson/ Director of Practice Management Matters - Adam
Ashley Latter, Managing Director - The Selling Coach