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Conference Programme 2023


How can I keep myself mentally fit?

12 May 2023
Dental Business Theatre
How can I keep myself mentally fit?

You can’t look after your patients and team effectively if you’re not looking after yourself. Join Les Jones and a panel of mental health experts for some top advice and tips to help you stay in control of your own wellbeing and create a supportive, safe environment for your whole team.

  • Learn the challenges faced by dental professionals that can lead to poor mental health and what actions you can make in practice to alleviate these challenges
  • Discover simple ways to improve your mood and strengthen your resilience
  • Find out what help is available to support yourself and your team members' wellbeing.
Les Jones, Creative director - Practice Plan
Laura Hannon, General Manager - BDA Benevolent Fund
Fiona Ellwood, Executive Director - Society of British Dental Nurses
Ritesh Aggarwal, Managing Director - Psynergy Mental Health