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Conference Programme 2023


How can I keep my team happy and motivated?

13 May 2023
Dental Business Theatre
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How can I keep my team happy and motivated?

A happy and motivated team = a great patient experience and a profitable practice. If the last few years have left your team feeling a little low, take a seat. In this session we’ll be delivering some top tips and creative ideas to help reignite your team’s energy and focus.

  • Understand the challenges and stresses that dental teams are facing and various ways you can help your team move onwards and upwards through these barriers
  • Discover different ways you can communicate and engage with each other to build a motivated and happy team
  • Hear about the proven process that you can put into place to encourage a more resilient team.
Katrina Rees, Area Manager - Practice Plan
Lucie Simic, Founder - Lucie Simic Healthcare Consultancy
Bhavna Doshi, CEO - Dental Wealth Builder