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Conference Programme 2023


How can I keep my best staff and attract new recruits?

12 May 2023
Dental Business Theatre
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How can I keep my best staff and attract new recruits?

As the retention and recruitment crisis in dentistry continues to bite, join Nigel Jones and a panel of HR experts to hear their proven approaches on how to retain your key team members and attract new talent into your practice.

  • Discover short and long-term activities that can help retain hard-won employees
  • Understand how to better communicate with team members to understand their wants and needs
  • Find out ways in which you can better utilise talent within your existing team
  • Learn how to make your practice stand out amongst the masses of vacancies on the job market, such as implementing a CSR strategy.
Nigel Jones, Sales and Marketing Director - Practice Plan
Mark Topley, CEO And Founder - Purpose Driven Business
Emma Anastasi, CEO And Founder - Diamond Dental Staff
Lucie Simic, Founder - Lucie Simic Healthcare Consultancy