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Conference Programme 2023


Functional Smile: Aesthetics treatments for dental problems

13 May 2023
Facial Aesthetics Theatre
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Functional Smile: Aesthetics treatments for dental problems

Whilst many dental practices are introducing facial aesthetics to their catalogue of services, this session will explore the unique use of aesthetics to treat dental problems and the industries are converging. The benefits for dental practices introducing aesthetics are fruitful including an upturn in revenues, increased patient well-being and patient pain reduction.

  • Understand the role of aesthetics as an effective treatment option for dental specific problems and the enhancement of overall cosmetic smile design.
  • Gain an understanding of how the dental and aesthetic markets converge and a breakdown of the customer segmentation.
  • Gain access to a clear training and clinic adoption pathway
  • Be armed with the tools to begin their aesthetics journey in a dental space.
Manisha Pansuria, Cosmetic Dentist and Aesthetic Doctor
Katie Emberley, Director of Aesthetics - The DD Group