Dental Technology Showcase 2019

17 & 18 May 2019
NEC Birmingham

Co-located with
Dentistry Show & BDA


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Exhibitor Testimonials

“The show has been very successful for us. It has been a perfect opportunity to catch up with the different players in the dental industry and get direct feedback from the customers.and I am already looking forward to next year!”
Iris Hauer, Sales Director (France, Benelux, UK), Renfert GmbH

"This is always a good show for us, and it’s nice to meet other companies in our industry. The interest in the digital side has been particularly strong this year. The move to join up with the Dentistry Show has been excellent and is exactly what the technology industry needed. The cross-over now between clinical and technical is a very fine line.  Technicians can come here and meet up with their area representatives have a chat and feel comfortable with our relationship. The communication with customers and the industry is so important, especially as our industry is such a small pond. I’d really miss not being here."
Garry Needham, Managing Director, Metrodent

"The stand has been very busy and we’ve seen a lot of interest with a constant and varied flow of delegates. DTS is the first big show of the year for us and it’s really good in terms of generating leads and showcasing launch products to technicians and dentists. This year we’ve made our stand much more interactive, with on-stand lectures, which has also been successful. We spend a lot on DTS – staff, equipment, stand costs etc., but it’s worthwhile as this is the event that we get the most return from."
Sarah Gardiner, Marketing Communications Manager, Straumann

"DTS gives us the opportunity to talk face-to-face with labs who are looking to get into CAD/CAM, which we don’t necessarily get the chance to on a regular basis. The quality of customer here is good and they’re interested in learning about our new machinery and other updates. 
It’s very good for brand promotion and recognition – we certainly get talking to a lot of the right people.  This is the best exhibition for dental technicians and the dental lab sector in the UK. We’ve cut back on exhibitions recently, but this is the one that we feel is still worth attending. The co-location with Dentistry Show is perfect and works really well. Combining the two show has been a real boost."

Ed Littlewood, Marketing Manager, Renishaw 

"It’s been a fantastic first day, really busy. DTS gives us a great opportunity to promote our brand and pick up new customers. We’ve launched a new range, so it’s been good to showcase it here and we’ve received some really positive feedback from delegates." 
Brendan Foster, Sales Director, John Winter

"We come here every year and it’s always a really good show for us. You get great footfall here and more in-depth conversations with specialists. Every 15 minutes we have conducted 10 minute lectures and they’ve been really popular and well-received – the seats have been filled and people are standing, which is excellent. It’s important to offer an education angle behind the products. Introducing Poligrip and our new sales team at DTS has been really valuable, they’ve made some great new connections."
Gemma Hales, Expert Marketing Coordinator, GSK 

"The show has been very positive for us and we’ve noticed, whether it’s at the orthodontic CPD sessions or at the trade stand, that there is a lot more technical footfall than expected. We’ve had lots of people interested in what we have to offer, looking for information, taking leaflets and wanting to engage with us as an association – it’s been very useful. If today’s anything to go by, we’re onto a winner tomorrow! It’s great for the delegates as you can get straight to the people you need to see, whether you’re looking for products for your lab or practice. The positioning next to Dentistry is fantastic and I think it should continue. It’s priceless having a presence here." 
Paul Mallet, Chairman, Orthodontic Technicians Association

"This is our first time attending DTS and we have seen very good interest from technicians and laboratory owners. We’ve just launched our company this year, so we believe this is the best way to expose our brand. We have already booked for next year as it really is good enough to invest in. 
I’d like to say too that the organisers have been very helpful and have sorted everything out smoothly."

J J Oh, Event Manager, Hoil

"It’s hard to break into a new market and my product is totally unknown in the UK but I’ve had some interesting conversations with several dealers. It was a calculated risk coming here, but I think it was worth investing the time and money to exhibit. I enjoy the space and layout here; you don’t get bored looking around!"  
Daniel Serrago, Owner, Ibex

"The show has been very successful, and people are buying lots. This is the biggest lab show in the UK and it’s important to be here to launch and learn about new products – there’s so much new innovation going on. We are big on the clinical side, so it’s nice to have the opportunity for both a lab and surgery presence at the show." 
Neil Clark, Lab Manager, GC UK

"It’s been really busy since the doors opened. We’ve been looking to target both dentists and technicians which is why we have our position outside the business theatre. We’ve had good quality technical and clinical delegates coming to see us. This is the elite show in the UK because it attracts both technicians and dentists – which is the way it should be. You get to hit both sets of markets in one, and often you see dentists and technicians who bring the other with them to discuss cases individual to that relationship." 
Derren Neve, Sales and Technician Director, RDT

"We have been busy and are definitely having conversations with the right quality of people, lab owners who are making the decisions. This is our first show ever in the UK – we wanted to come here as if you have a presence you can be recognised as one of the leading brands in the industry. As a smaller company from Germany, it is very important for brand awareness. Now is the time when the CAD/CAM market in the UK is really starting off, so it was important to take advantage of that."
Marcel Rösner, Head of Sales and Marketing, Dental Direkt

"We’ve had a very good show – it’s been nice meeting new and old customers, showcasing our new product range and expanding brand awareness. We’ve seen the decision-makers, as well as all the other technicians in the lab who are using our products and can give feedback.We wouldn’t attend DTS if we didn’t feel it was worthwhile. It’s a very valuable PR exercise. I like that with this show you have both the surgeries and laboratories together, but the two sections still remain defined and comprehensive."
Mike Wright, Sales Executive, WHW 

"We’re very pleased with how business has gone on the stand. As a company we are primarily telesales-based, so this event helps us actually get face-to-face with new and existing customers. We’ve definitely hit the market that we wanted to and I like that we’ve reached both technicians and dentists in one.
Our training room and surgical workshops this time round has been particularly well-received."

Carolyn Ansell, UK Sales Manager, Schottlander

Speaker Testimonials

"There’s a great focus on technicians here, and a good line-up of speakers. I like that companies actually put on demos on their stands too. It’s great that DTS is coupled with the Dentistry Show – it’s a good opportunity for people to meet with dentists and clients who aren’t necessarily geographically close to them. 
I’d say it’s vitally important to attend – a lot of technicians don’t the chance to go to courses so here they get an opportunity to see and sample training for free and know whether it’s worth investing in it, rather than blindly selecting programmes."

Phil Reddington, Head Ceramist, Technical Director and Managing Director, Beever Dental

"It’s my first year here, and I’m loving it – it’s a wonderful show. For me the UK is special as I’ve been teaching here for the last four years and I’m happy to see industry events here are in line with how shows should be – full of interaction, booth demonstrations, experts showing techniques, and the combination with the clinical side. .

Events should be inspiring. There may be technicians sitting here who are 60 years old and haven’t been to a show in three years and it’s important to encourage these professionals to learn and keep coming back to develop their skills. Thank you for inviting me, and I hope you’ll have me back!"
Peter Pizzi, Owner, Pizzi Dental Studio

"It’s been an absolutely incredible event. We’ve had some amazing speakers – it’s been a rocker! Other industry events are just trade shows, but something special happens at DTS and the Dentistry Show with a huge interdisciplinary team coming together. Having world-class speakers like Peter Pizzi and John Wibberley, who technicians look up to, means there’s a great sharing of information which then filters back into the products they’re using. 

For me, genuinely, it is the best industry event – you can quote me on that everyday of the week. The DTS and Dentistry Show is THE event. 
Today it was so encouraging to see dentists in DTS sessions. The only way we’ll achieve true excellence is with technicians and surgeons sat in the same room."

Stephen Campbell, Dental Technician, Nexus Dental Laboratory



2018 Streams


Designed for dental technicians, clinical dental technicians and lab owners, The DTS lecture theatre has been programmed by the Dental Technicians Guild. Not to be missed!



The Digital Dentistry Theatre brings together the latest technologies to hit the UK market, showcasing and exploring their uses in the lab. A must attend for Lab Owners and Technicians alike.



The CDT conference is set to provide the best UK based education and training for Clinical Dental Technicians. The two day programme will deliver exciting sessions covering everything from skills development to gum characterisation. 



Building on the already successful OTA lectures & workshops, the orthodontic technician's stream will cover everything from Cleft Lip and Palate to client reviews, making this unique opportunity unmissable.


On-Stand demonstrations, by the experts will guide delegates through practical applications for the latest products, and help delegates understand how they could put into practice in their labs. 


The Business Skills Workshop will host a varying two day programme, delivered by industry-renowned speakers,  perfect for Lab Technicians and Lab Owners. All sessions will be business themed, and will cover a variety of topics.





Educational Sessions